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joyful dance glyph

Welcome to Joyous Art, Rory Link's gallery of Art and Poetry, a celebration of life and joy.

Informed by a childhood in Eastern Washington Rory's art and poetry point at the beauty of everyday objects and the poetry of everyday life. Much of Rory's work incorporates asemic writing. Asemic indicates "without semantic meaning". Intrepretation of such glyphs is left to the viewer. In this way the viewer becomes a participant not just a passive observer. Rory refers to this kind of writing as glypholalia. Such writing may be without specific subject but it is not without meaning or emotional content. The purpose is to make art that creates in the viewer a sense of joy and peace.

Rory's book, "The Theory and Practice of Joy", uses the above techniques to assist one towards that goal of greater peace and joy. Using glyphs as a basic art element in works of bright color he combines these works with simple techniques that one can use to lower stress and increase one's joy in life.

Rory is a published poet and is currently working on several books of poetry combined with images. Further art and poetry can be found on Rory's Facebook community page.

Copies of The Theory and Practice of Joy are available at East/West Books in Seattle and can also be ordered through any bookstore POD from Ingram Press. Copies are also available through the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

For a complete listing of retail locations please see the Theory and Practice of Joy page.

Blessing cards may be ordered directly from Rory at Rory's original art and prints are available for purchase. Please feel free to contact Rory to inquire about any piece.