Artist Bio:

I began meditating when I was eight years old. I lived near Mt. Spokane and had free range of Deadman's Creek. Fishing with a pole made from a maple branch, I found myself focusing on a small whirlpool in a creek, patiently waiting for fish to bite. My mind observed my thoughts. I tried not to catch those thoughts as I was attempting to catch a fish. What I caught as well as fish was the ability to watch my mind without attachment.

I eventually found myself on the shores of Lake Union in Seattle, living a bohemian life. I began practicing yoga, meditating, and studying Zen and other Eastern systems, having studied philosophy at WSU, and a variety of liberal arts at the UW. I continued my interest in the mind, reading popular psychology and books that were often pressed on me by my friends. I began drawing and painting and, continued writing poetry, an art Id begun in high school. The object of my artistic endeavors was to explore my interior. This became my preferred form of meditation.

In 1966 I had a revelation that I would no longer take a job unless I enjoyed it. The very next job lasted two days. I immensely enjoyed being fired. After that, the world opened up. I found a job with a commercial sculptor making brass and copper trees, plastic trees, and other " abstract" pieces.

Al Hansen's art was beautiful if not technically fine art. I worked off and on with him for nearly ten years. I learned a lot from him. At the same time, I absorbed art skills from artist friends, books, observation, and practice. I continued to read voraciously and wrote poetry often.

I became an adult in the 1960's. I grew up between the beats and the hippies. Consciousness expansion and developing a vital internal life, were priorities for me. Developing a spiritual path was also important. Somewhere along this journey, I rediscovered the joy I experienced as a child. Many experiences, wonderful friends, books, conversations, and ideas led me to living life in joyous manner. I eventually understood that joy was a goal, a path, a way to cope with an imperfect and often cruel world. Cultivating joy includes striving for peace,love, and understanding. It is a worthy pursuit.

I am fortunate that I have had a secure and loving childhood and a guardian spirit that has provided so many wonderful experiences to me. A spirit guide entered my life in 1968. She is a spirit venerated by the Salish people of many tribes. To the Swinomish, she is the spirit of abundance. She chose me, and I eventually accepted her. She has brought an abundance of everything I need or desire. She also led me into a practice of Shamanism. In one form or another I have practiced shamanism for forty years.

I have been a practicing energetic healer for over fifteen years, and I continue to meditate, practice shamanism, write, and create in many mediums on a daily basis.